Arrests don't make Anglin a better pick for NC Supreme Court

Arrest record doesn't make Anglin a better candidate for NC Supreme Court

It's pretty pitiful that this even needs to be said.

The Democrat pretending to be a Republican in order to help another Democrat win a North Carolina Supreme Court seat has a criminal arrest record.

From the News & Observer:

One of the candidates for a seat on the North Carolina Supreme Court has a criminal record, having previously pleaded guilty to misdemeanor trespassing and DWI charges.

Chris Anglin, a Republican who is one of three people on the ballot this November for the seat held by Barbara Jackson, said Wednesday that he had a drinking problem in his 20s but has since gotten sober.

According to the report, Anglin was an Elon Law School student when he was busted for driving with a 0.14 blood alcohol content. Later that year he pleaded guilty.

Then, two months after that, he was charged with attempted breaking and entering. The N&O reports that he pleaded guilty to second-degree trespassing. He claims he came home from a party, was drunk, and tried to get into the wrong apartment.

Anglin says he quit drinking some time after that. 

He says it could even help his candidacy.

Anglin said Wednesday his arrests shouldn’t damage his candidacy because they were nearly a decade ago and he sought treatment. If anything, he says, they made him a better candidate — one who has insight on addictions “that are devastating our state and our country.”

And just like his entire campaign, this, too, is a lie.

If Anglin really believed this makes him a better candidate, he would have rolled out the story in a biography earlier in the campaign. He would have incorporated his arrest record into a larger message. He would have owned it.

Instead, he hid his record and is only now forced to respond because the story came out just as early voting started. He's a stereotypical caricature of the sleazy, lying lawyer. And he's running for Supreme Court justice. 

Of course, Anglin is not intending to actually beat Democrat Anita Earls. His role is to suck votes away from Republican incumbent Barbara Jackson - the only candidate with judicial experience.

His entire campaign is a troll of the Republican-led General Assembly.

And voters.

Here's an earlier look at the progressive social justice warrior in the race.

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