After veto of infanticide bill, Gov. Cooper expands paid family leave

The front page swooning coverage for Gov. Roy Cooper's love of babies couldn't come at a better time for the first term Democrat - who just vetoed a bill that would've required doctors to provide care for babies who survive abortions.

If you're trying to combat the criticism that you're putting fealty to Planned Parenthood above the lives of babies, this is one way to do it:

Cooper signed an executive order granting paid parental leave to the estimated 56,000 state employees who work in the agencies reporting to the governor. Full-time workers who give birth would get up to eight weeks of paid time off under the Democratic governor’s order, which takes effect Sept. 1. Spouses would get four weeks off.
Currently, those state employees must use their sick-leave or accrued vacation time if they want to take time off after having a baby. Once the new policy kicks in, they won’t have to dip in to their other kinds of leave.

Of course, the political optics here escape any mention, let alone scrutiny.

I have little doubt that Gov. Cooper believes this is a good policy. I also believe that he and his administration view this as the right thing to do. And sometimes good policy is good politics. Sometimes the right thing to do is the right political move, too.

But it's also true that Gov. Cooper had nearly three years to implement this policy. Parents who had babies last year did not get the benefits now being afforded under Cooper's benevolence. He promised to do this very thing when he ran for Governor in 2016.

So, why did he wait so long to do this? Why do it now?

It does not appear that anyone was curious to the Governor at his media event yesterday.

By comparison, this question has been used by media and Democrats (but I repeat myself) to hammer Republicans over the Abortion Survivor Protect Act. The GOP is accused of running the bill to simply score political points among their base and jam up Cooper and his party for their position that is wildly unpopular.

It doesn't seem to register among critics that Republicans (and one Democratic state Senator) actually believe in the policy they're proposing. They believe it's the right thing to do. Just like Gov. Cooper believes paid family leave is the right policy and the right thing to do.

And unlike the past three years, it's the perfect time to do it.

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