Eagles' Feces Feaster: Disturbed? "Hero?" Both?

It happened! I, like generations of Philadelphia Eagles fans, never thought this day would come. The Eagles are SUPER BOWL CHAMPIONS! 

Soak it in guys... As the fan of a perennially struggling NFL franchise (Tampa Bay Buccaneers), there is a part of my soul that is overjoyed for the throngs of decent Eagles fans around the world. However, history is not lost on me. I regret this day ever came for the idiots of the fan base.

I will say kudos to the hundred thousand or so fans that flooded downtown Philly streets Sunday night. You were mostly well behaved. I expected much more damage than what actually occurred. However, to one "special" fan, I will just say... "DUDE! WTF!"

After the Eagles beat the Patriots 41-33 in Super Bowl LII, one fan was caught on video eat horse dung off the street! 

I've had a lot of joy in my life... marrying my wife, the day my twin boys were born, watching my Red Sox break the Curse of the Bambino, and especially watching the Bucs destroy the Raiders in Super Bowl XXXVII. But never have I been so happy that I wanted to get a taste of parade droppings. 


Despite how idiotic this is, I've decided I will accept one explanation, and one explanation only, for how this occurred. 

Imagine you are an Eagles fan who has lived in a city filled with disappointment when it comes to sports teams. Your parents might have been mere children, or not even born, the last time your football team won a title. Year after year there is promise. Year after year something - or in the Eagles' case many times, everything - goes wrong. You lived through four straight NFC Championship game appearances in the early 2000's and wound up with ZERO Super Bowl rings. And just one conference title. 

The only Super Bowl appearance you've seen was a loss to these same Patriots and G.O.A.T. quarterback Tom Brady. Your team had a decent lead at one point in the game and despite trading blows with the Pats, you were 10 minutes away from taking home the Lombardi Trophy. Then, Tom Brady strikes...

 When Tom Brady hit Rob Gronkowski for a go-ahead score with 9:22 to go, I can only imagine the desperation for Philly fans. You're making deals with God, the devil, Ra, Oden, or whomever you have to to will the team to victory.  This guy probably stood up or knelt at the Super Bowl Party and vowed "If we pull this game out, (insert diety here), I'll do anything, just let us have THIS one!" "I'll eat a turd if I have to!" 

Being what I suspect is many, many, many drinks in, he kept his promise. His "friends" made sure he did it. Now, for better - but mostly worse - the guy is an internet "celebrity." 

While he may just be another drunk, stupid Eagles fan, this guy may be the most devoted and honorable fan in history... a true man of his word. We just don't know the whole story...

Nevermind! Sorry, this is NOT the face of a role model, kids. 

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